What is an anxiety disorder?

What is anxiety? Anxiety is the body’s physical response to fear. The symptoms might include: racing heart rapid breathing sweaty palms butterflies in your stomach ‘burst’ of energy. Everyone feels anxious at times, and a certain level of anxiety is both normal and even helpful in some situations. Anxiety is our body’s way of keeping us safe. For… Read More »

How Can I Stop Sweating?

Excessive facial sweating can be an awkward and embarrassing problem. Sweating too much, particularly in the facial region, can lead to constant questions from those around you. Having to explain over and over again why you’re sweating when it isn’t really cold and you haven’t exerted yourself gets old fast. The good news is, there are both over… Read More »

10 Easy Ways To Lose Belly Fat

Fast and Easy Ways to lose Belly Fat Excess body fat is a concern for many people, and is viewed by the majority as unhealthy. Although obesity has been linked with significant health risks, being overweight doesn’t automatically mean your health is in a bad state. Conversely, many people who are in the healthy range for body weight have some… Read More »

The Health Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

Vinegar is thought to have a ten thousand year history, having been used for hundreds of different purposes. It was a key ingredient in many remedies and used to flavor and preserve foods in ancient civilizations. Records show the use of vinegar by the Babylonians in 5000 BC. Traces of vinegar have been found in ancient Egyptian urns… Read More »

How Avoid Sweating

INTRODUCTION How Avoid Sweating ?? Sweating is one of the problems that annoy people in hot summer days. Some people are sweating and constantly complaining. With 10 recommendations, you can reduce the amount of sweating and see less harassment. Reduce stress Excessive stress causes more sweating. To reduce sweating, be more relaxed and control your stress for help… Read More »

What Is Depression

Depression is a mental illness that causes feelings of grief and loss of interest. Most people sometimes feel discomfort, depressed and grief. Grief and sadness are the natural reaction of the body to problems in lifetime and the loss of things and those who are interested to them. But when the feelings of sadness and grief, without hope,… Read More »