How Avoid Sweating

By | December 24, 2017
How Avoid Sweating


How Avoid Sweating ?? Sweating is one of the problems that annoy people in hot summer days. Some people are sweating and constantly complaining.

With 10 recommendations, you can reduce the amount of sweating and see less harassment.

  • Reduce stress

Excessive stress causes more sweating. To reduce sweating, be more relaxed and control your stress for help to How Avoid Sweating .

  • Wear light clothing and leather shoes

Natural fibers, such as flax or cotton, absorb sweat well, while the synthetic fibers do not and cause more moisture and smell of sweat. So it’s best to wear thin, light clothing in warm seasons. Because are lesser absorb and are high cooler. It is best to choose saddle shoes and leather shoes, because the snowshoe are synthetic, causing more sweating and an unpleasant odor.

  • Use sage juice

Some medicinal herbs like “Mariglly” reduce sweating. You can drink 25 drops of Mariglly juice in a glass of water or apply it locally under your armpit.

Note: Of course, the Mariglly juice is not recommended for children, pregnant women and who have breast cancer.

Do not eat fully dinner also, take dinner some hours before bedtime. Hence, your food will be digested faster and the digestive system will not have to be active during sleep and reduce sweating.

  • Use deodorants or anti-sweating labels

Use pads that absorb sweat and do not let to smell of clothes. There are deodorants that not only eliminate the unpleasant smell of sweat, also regulate sweating. You can use them daily.

  • Avoid caffeinated beverages

  •  Drinking some liquids, including tea, coffee and sugary drinks, can increase sweating in the     warm season. So minimize their consumption.
  • Do not forget the waxing

How Avoid Sweating ? Reducing the temperature and bring it to 37 degrees cause sweating. Sweat is a mixture of salts and water and does not have an unpleasant odor. What causes it to become bad is bacteria that live on the skin and propagate in a warm and humid environment like the underarm. Underarm hairs are good to grow bacteria because they hold moisture. The best advice is to eliminate the unpleasant smell of sweat, waxing (removal of excess hair) of the underarms and legs, and daily washing of the body with soap or shampoo and complete drying of the body, such as between the toes.

  • Balance your protein intake

Digestion is accompanied by increase body temperature. Eating high protein meals, more increase body temperature and more sweat. The protein sources are: all kinds of meat, eggs and legumes.

  • Do not drink too cold water

Drinking very cold liquids causes’ extreme temperature changes in the body and more sweating. When you drink cool water, Body feels cool water, react and tries to warm and rise temperature of body, cause more sweating. In otherwise, when we drink warm, the body tries to cool itself. But since drinking hot liquids is not hearty in the summer, the best advice is to use liquids that have a lukewarm temperature.

  • Eat low-spicy foods

Spices can increase your body temperature and boost sweating. The consumption of vegetables such as garlic and onions also affects the smell of sweat and makes it mislead. Some foods containing zinc, such as whole wheat bread, also have the same effect, but the body needs Zinc and cannot remove it’s from the diet.

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